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This is how an Auction in a Post, or Page, would look like. The best part about it is that you can customize your Posts any which way you like and drop your auction in.

You can add multiple images, video, graphs, polls and anything else you can think of in your Post, just as you would normally do on any day while writing one.

Auction in a Post

Auction Image Auction Image Auction Image Auction Image

Starting Bid: $50.00

Refresh BidGoing for
Winning: lost duck

Ending In:

Here comes the description for this auction. You can even include lists, like this:

  • With WP Auctions you can sell Art, like paintings, photography, sculptures and more...
  • You can also sell property

The rest of this text is just filler text, design to make you feel that there is something important here.

The rest of this text is just filler text, design to make you feel that there is something important here. It's just for display purposes, but since you're reading it let me fill you in some more boring text.

Terms: cool-stuff

Enter Your Maximum Bid
Bid $52.00 or higher [?]

[Not met]

  1. lost duck bid $50.00 on July 21, 2015 9:12 am

Enter your email below to get notifications of new bids placed on the above item.

Shipping Details

Shipping: $1,500.00

From: New York

To: Worldwide

Payment Details

Winner will receive PayPal payment link via email.

Here’s some more text after the post. You can even leave the comments open so people can comment on your auctions. It’s a great way to engage your readers and visitors.

I’m on a Ferrari.

44 Responses to “Auction In A Post”

  1. TylerJordan says:

    Great plugin, I may be buying it soon! I’ve just begun playing around with it and noticed a couple of things. One is that I can outbid myself. if the email address is identical, this shouldn’t be allowed/possible. Is this demo the most up-to-date version? I’ll have to install and check it out on my site. More trivial, but still rather annoying is, at least on my browser, the focus shifts to the reply box (and vice versa) whenever you use the tab button to go to the next field. Both of these issues need a fix I think before I’d commit to buying it. I’ll have more of a play around and see if I can find any more issues.

  2. Ghio says:

    Hi Im highly interested in your plug in. What i miss is the posibility to let the visitors (registered users) to place an auction. Let me know if this posibility is available.

  3. Allan says:

    Hi there,

    can across your plugin and i’m very interested in it. just one question, can i set a reserve price for my auctions?


  4. Michelle says:

    I saw the WordPress extend free version of this and I installed it to try it out before buying. Does this mean that the free version won’t allow for the exact bid amount to be shown… when I test out the bid and put let’s say $700.00 but the bid before that was $400.00 the system enters it as $455 instead of $700.00 What is this? a glitch or a result of not having a PRO version?

    • Hyder says:

      The free version uses the proxy bidding engine and it will bid on behalf of the bidder up to their maximum bid amount they set at the time of placing the bid.

      It’s not a glitch.

      • Ruben says:

        I do not want to use the proxy bidding, I want it to look real bid gambler’s, which is what I have to do?. I use the free version. What do I do I modify a line of PHP pages? or just using the paid version is where I can change this.
        I appreciate your prompt response.

  5. Premiere says:

    Will there be any updates on the plugin to allow registered users to post a auction?

  6. Ger says:

    The same question as Premiere “Will there be any updates on the plugin to allow registered users to post a auction?” Please send us an answer. I buy your plugin on that moment, even when the price is higher for that extra feature.

    • Hyder says:

      We’ve developed it halfway, but it will be another month or so before that feature becomes available.

      • nick N says:

        hello hyder, hi if users can post an auction, would it need to be approved by admin? and then would it allow Admin to make a commission?

        presumably, bidders may want to have more info on a product before buying, allowing buyer and seller to message each other before contact details are released. “Try before you buy” may mean visiting the seller, eg for a house or car! which I guess means contacts must be released

        Contacts could be released, when the buyer chooses to buy or visit, and the commission taken from seller’s proceeds or contacts paid for. This could apply to digital as well as physical products I suppose..?

  7. Michelle says:

    I bought the pro version and I am pleased with the plugin. One question I have is – can the non-winning bidder emails of an auction be exported for the purpose of wanting to say to them “thanks for bidding”. So for instance, if an auction had 30 bidders and 1 wins, is there an easy way to take the 29 bidders that lost and extract their emails for just that auction? I see how I can go into the auction and view all bidders and their bids but it may mean I would have to cut and paste that list to a csv file.Thanks in advance.

  8. Tim says:

    I want this. But I see one priced at $35, $79 and $279 and according to the comments, Free. Which one do you recommend. I want an auction site for one domain without restrictions.


  9. Hi

    Nice plugin. I would like to use your plugin for the following.

    Can I create a generic property site for Agents to log in and list their own properties for sale/auction ?

    I want to create a WordPress site and host Property Auctions?

    Can this be done with your plugin or is there still a lot of code to be written to get this functionality I want….



    • Hyder says:

      Sorry Simon, currently the plugin does not allow other users to register and post auctions.

      But it will, in a couple of months 😉

  10. Hi

    Thanks for replying. Any idea when this release will be?

    Rough time frame….

  11. stella says:

    I’m currently operating an estore on the wordpress platform w/ the plug-in eshop. I want to continue to sell prints (art) but want to auction off the original as a special auction when the occassion arises. I’m very concerned that running this plug-in will interfere with the eshop plug-in. Are you aware of any compatibiliy issues? I would run the auction on a separate page.??? Thanks.

  12. satinder says:

    If I have 4 auctions, all set to use the Ajax popup, they all show up one below the other and I can’t control the spacing between them. What if I only want one item to show up in the sidebar widget and the rest to show up once they click on it?

    I tried that post/page option but the formatting is terribly off. The page is here:

  13. nireski says:

    Hello! This plug in would be absolutely awesome, but I am having a few glitches. I tried other plugins, but I love the ability to have it as a widget and then redirect to a page. I really need to hide the names of persons bidding. I tried using a hint you had previously posted on the forum but it did not work. Additionally, the customized email function does not seem to be working. When someone gets outbid, they do not receive an email and there is an error, additionally, the watch auction function is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried registering, but have not yet heard anything back and it is late in the day.
    Thank you!

  14. iLucato says:

    Hi there, nice to meet you.
    A have a few feature doubts regarding your plug-in. Maybe they can become suggestions for future versions if not implemented yet. Here are they:
    1) Does your plugin already allow other users to register and post auctions their auction?
    2) Does it allow to hide bids and just use as BuyNow! ?
    3) I want to receive % from every auction posted by a registered user, so lets suppose to create an action the users must pay x% of the “buynow” value. After making the PayPal payment and I receiving that the registered user is allowed to create his single auction.

    Is that possible? If not, here is a suggestion then?

    Do you know some competitor plug-in that allows one of the 1,2 and 3 or all of them?

    Thanks and have a nice week.

  15. Jamie McDonnell says:

    Hi there,
    I am interested in using your plugin, but will need to allow registered users to post auctions – you said this functionality is coming in a couple of months, back in November 2011, but it is still not here – any idea specifically when you will support this feature? Or should I shop around for another solution?

  16. Ivan Fraer says:

    Looking great, but I (also) looking for the possibility for registered users to post auctions. If we buy now, can we get this feature as a free upgrade when/if it will be released?

    Thank you
    // Ivan

    • Hyder says:

      Registered users are not able to post their own auctions.

      We will be working on it in the coming months, but I can’t promise a timetable of release.

  17. Emilian says:

    Hi there,
    I have just installed the plugin with the widget add-on; everything looks and works ok… I was wondering how I can make some design changes for the auction in a post layout? I’m not asking about the css, I’ve manage that without problems; I’m interested to rearrange the top section in order to reduce the height of the page: to bring the current bid box (in orange in the example above) underneath the title and float the image on the same level on the right hand side.

    Also, for some reason, in the description box, the description text (only) isn’t wrapped and now I have a very annoying horizontal bar

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!


    • Ivan says:

      I bought PRO version, and I am interested in the ability to display a pop-up based style in the post, because of the smaller size.
      Is that possible?

  18. joe macvoy says:

    I purchased your wp auction and was expecting to be able to do more with it than have one auction on a sidebar. Im looking for a product that I can run a multiple number of items at the same time, that each bid is recorded and notification will be sent to the site administrator. In addition to this I would like to use this for different auction site locations that I will be running. Will your soffware do this or will I be disappointed in it as I was in my last purchase.


    • Hyder says:

      Hi Joe,

      The sidebar widget can show all your auctions. The option to change that is in the main admin panel of the plugin, i.e “WP Auctions”.

      You can add, manage and edit as many auctions as your database allows, which is probably a lot.

      If you want enhanced options at showing your auctions, we have the List Widget and the Extended Listing add-ons available for that on our site. Sold separately.

      As for using it on another location/site, you will need to purchase additional licenses for each site you use it on. Might I suggest the Pro Plus license, it allows you to use it on any number of sites and you get updates and forum support for 1 year.

      Hope that helps.


  19. AM says:

    The demo on the page displaying the “auction in a post” does not seem to be working correctly. Am I supposed to be getting an email when I bid? And why is the price not changing. I’m using Chrome if that helps any. Great plug-in though.. ok, thanks!

  20. Mimi says:

    Hi, Recently I bought this plugin and am feeling a little like a fool, nothing is working right no pop-up window, bid and buy buttons bring user to 404 page, email not sending emails there is more as well please I need a little help with this. I have disabled all my plugins and have tried to use the default theme as well no luck did nothing! Any suggestions would be great I have read through the forum as well with no good suggestions to work from.

  21. Mark says:

    How about social media integration… It would be very useful if people could share auction items on their facebook timelines. Being able to share auction information I feel is the only thing that might stop me from purchasing this software for our Rotary Club.

    • Hyder says:

      If you embed the auction into a Post/Page you can use any other 3rd party social media plugin to allow sharing of your Posts/Pages with the embedded auctions. Hope that answers your query.

  22. Simon says:

    Hi Hyder

    Any news on the roadmap for this plugin

    Some great features suggessted by your readers and customers..

    I am wanting to know if you will work on the customers being allowed to post items or agents….. if they are real estate for example….

    Maybe you could have customer types like private (normal guy in the public) and Agent (Property, Real Estate, Cars)


  23. rockondigital says:

    Hi we purchased the download version some months ago…how do we access another copy of the download as we have had a drive malfunction and don’t have a back up

  24. Tyler F says:


    I have been shopping around for an auction plug in and can’t seem to find one that allows users to make auctions with multiple categories. I am also looking for one that allows users a front end customizable profile portal to edit their auctions, look at stats, etc. I noticed that some people have asked you similar question but not sure if the update has been made yet?

  25. Aki says:

    Is there a way to make the on page auction look like the pop auction?

  26. Ole Kroer says:

    Is it possible to connect this plugin to woocommerce in wordpress and what about danish currency (and danish language), is there a langauage table
    thanks in advance

  27. Simon says:


    I keep checking back every few months – any progress on when you will add ability for people to add their own auctions on your site.

    People can either be companies or private individuals.

    Rather than me as webmaster running the aucitons

    This is the dimension that is still missing from this plugin.


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