Auction In A Post

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This is how an Auction in a Post, or Page, would look like. The best part about it is that you can customize your Posts any which way you like and drop your auction in.

You can add multiple images, video, graphs, polls and anything else you can think of in your Post, just as you would normally do on any day while writing one.

Auction in a Post

Starting at $50.00 [0 Bids]

Reserve: [Not met]






  • Location: New York

Here comes the description for this auction. You can even include lists, like this:

  • With WP Auctions you can sell Art, like paintings, photography, sculptures and more...
  • You can also sell property

The rest of this text is just filler text, design to make you feel that there is something important here.

The rest of this text is just filler text, design to make you feel that there is something important here. It's just for display purposes, but since you're reading it let me fill you in some more boring text.

Auction Information

    Shipping: $1,500.00

    From: New York

    To: Worldwide

    Winner will receive PayPal payment link via email.

    Here’s some more text after the post. You can even leave the comments open so people can comment on your auctions. It’s a great way to engage your readers and visitors.

    I’m on a Ferrari.

    44 Responses to “Auction In A Post”

    1. Mark says:

      How about social media integration… It would be very useful if people could share auction items on their facebook timelines. Being able to share auction information I feel is the only thing that might stop me from purchasing this software for our Rotary Club.

      • Hyder says:

        If you embed the auction into a Post/Page you can use any other 3rd party social media plugin to allow sharing of your Posts/Pages with the embedded auctions. Hope that answers your query.

        • Mark Wigston says:

          Not Really Hyder… Lets say I have about 400 auctions to put up. I am not about to create 400 pages. I may have to find a different script I suppose… Onward I go on my quest.

    2. Simon says:

      Hi Hyder

      Any news on the roadmap for this plugin

      Some great features suggessted by your readers and customers..

      I am wanting to know if you will work on the customers being allowed to post items or agents….. if they are real estate for example….

      Maybe you could have customer types like private (normal guy in the public) and Agent (Property, Real Estate, Cars)


    3. rockondigital says:

      Hi we purchased the download version some months ago…how do we access another copy of the download as we have had a drive malfunction and don’t have a back up

    4. Tyler F says:


      I have been shopping around for an auction plug in and can’t seem to find one that allows users to make auctions with multiple categories. I am also looking for one that allows users a front end customizable profile portal to edit their auctions, look at stats, etc. I noticed that some people have asked you similar question but not sure if the update has been made yet?

    5. Aki says:

      Is there a way to make the on page auction look like the pop auction?

    6. Ole Kroer says:

      Is it possible to connect this plugin to woocommerce in wordpress and what about danish currency (and danish language), is there a langauage table
      thanks in advance

    7. Simon says:


      I keep checking back every few months – any progress on when you will add ability for people to add their own auctions on your site.

      People can either be companies or private individuals.

      Rather than me as webmaster running the aucitons

      This is the dimension that is still missing from this plugin.