Want to beta test?

As WP Auctions aligns itself to be the best plugin available to host auctions on WordPress powered blogs and websites we have a lot of amazing features that are just waiting to be implemented. With that being said…

We need beta testers.

If you would like to be a beta tester please leave a comment below using your personal email address and we’ll add you to the list.

What does a beta tester do?

You will be given bleeding edge versions of the plugin and will be asked to test it out to the point where something goes wrong. If nothing goes wrong, cool!

We would also like to hear from you on –

  • How we can improve the interface.
  • How we can improve the instructional language.
  • What type of features you would like to see, and
  • How we can improve the current set of features we have in place

What will you get?

If you have not bought the plugin yet we will offer you a 50% discount on the plugin price. If you are already a license holder we will offer you a 50% discount on your future renewal.

Once we have enough beta testers, comments will be disabled. So get in while you can!

Thank you to all in advance.

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