Bought our Plugin Somewhere Else?

We’ve been selling WP Auctions for well over 3 years now, primarily through this website. But, we’ve also sold it via other partner marketplaces like Codecanyon, Mojo-Themes and through other promotional channels like AppSumo, BigAppDeals etc…

Currently we have v3.7.5 spread out through our partners and channels, where it is sold at discounted prices. If you would like to upgrade, please register yourself on Weborithm Products, then contact us to get a 50% discount to upgrade to the latest version. Proof of previous ownership will be necessary to get this discount. I should also remind you at this time that support for v3.7.5 (and below) will end in a couple of months.

At present there are no immediate plans to upgrade our plugin across our partners so this is your chance to get that discount!


Are you an affiliate? If not, now’s the time to sign up to be one. We’re going to be having an affiliate contest soon and there will be prizes involved!

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