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Minimum Bid Increment

WP Auctions allows you to set a minimum bid increment for all your auctions. Simply enter a value in the main plugin admin area and save it. The plugin will then only allow bids meeting that minimum bid increment to be accepted. This,… Read more »

Auction Landing Page

The Auction Landing Page can be set via the main plugin admin area and is basically a central URL where you are showing all your auctions. Typically, this would work best with the List Widget once you place the shortcode in the landing… Read more »

PayPal Payments

WP Auctions is integrated with PayPal Payments. All you have to do is enter your PayPal email in the main plugin admin area and save it. When you create an auction simply select the PayPal payment option and every time an auction ends… Read more »

Delete Fraudulent Bids

If you are suspicious that a recent bid placed maybe fraudulent you can easily delete it via the “Current Auctions” admin area. Simple click on “Cancel Last Bid” and it will be erased from the database.

List Widget

Want to show all your auctions in one Post or Page? How about segregating them based on categories? You can do exactly that with the List Widget. Once you download it simply upload the add on to your site and activate it via… Read more »