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WP Auctions v5.8

We’ve just put out a compatibility release for the auction plugin. v5.8 now works with WordPress’s new block editor. Plus when you add a new auction and go to insert into a Post/Page, the editor will now insert a “Shortcode…

  • 20th Feb, 2019
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How Do We Expect Web Design to Change in 2019?

Web design is changing as the year ends and 2019 beckons, and there are many trends that are unfolding. Some aren’t likely to make a major impact in the next 12 months, but we’ll focus on the ones that we…

New Demo Auctions

We have just added a few more demo auctions to our site, to showcase how it can be used in various categories. This will help users see that the plugin is flexible enough to accommodate many scenarios. We will be…

Themes Coming Soon!

While running auctions on your own website using WP Auctions is great, running it on a theme dedicated to showcasing the best features with special functions and templates is…greater?! We’re glad to announce that we have started production on a…

  • 2nd Jun, 2018
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How Can I Make Sure My Bidders Are Genuine?

Security is important as more of our daily lives revolve around activities we do online. Email, documents, bill payments, shopping and social media have layers of security which help us use them with a certain level of safety in the…

  • 25th Jan, 2018
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