Welcome to the forum, a few do's and dont's

Basic rules and guidelines for members.

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Welcome to the forum, a few do's and dont's

Postby Hyder » Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:57 pm

Here are some general guidelines to peruse these forums.


    - Be polite and respectful.
    - Ask clear and concise questions, with as much detail as necessary
    - Have patience, we might not answer right away but we will eventually.
    - If you can help out your fellow forum member please go ahead. However, please make sure your answers are informed and accurate.
    - Do list the URL you need help with.
    - Be objective with your advice to fellow forum members, if any.
    - Do perform a search first to see if your question has already been answered.


    - Do not under any circumstance provide your website details like FTP, WordPress user/pass and other such sensitive information here. We are not responsible for the consequences if you do.
    - Don't be rude on the forums.
    - Don't spam the forum with your website links. This may lead to banning.
    - Don't bring up topics that do not belong here. For example - politics.

Please check back here often as this list will be updated regularly.
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