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CPU issue

Postby chicagowebmanagement » Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:49 am

We get message from our hosting co:

"How does a CPU issue occur?
Many times popular scripts may perform inefficient tasks repeatedly leading to CPU abuse. Below please find helpful articles outlining resource restrictions set on HostGator accounts:"

Apparently wp-auction is causing a CPU spike.

Any way to resolve this or do we need to enable/disable a setting?

Please help! Thanks
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Re: CPU issue

Postby Owen » Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:32 am

Hi there,

Processes will use CPU cycles based on how busy they are, are we have a number of areas where the plugin gets busy, particularly if you have lots of site traffic. You need to make sure your hosting provision matches the load you are placing on the server, so while shared hosting is fine for a site that has a few hundred page hits a day and a few auctions, if you intend to run thousands of auctions on a site that is very busy, you may want to consider dedicated hosting.

We do not recommend caching content on the pages showing auctions. While this will help alleviate your performance concerns, cached results may give your user incorrect impressions on the current state of an auction particularly if it's nearing it's closing time.

The one area we recommend you evaluate is the auto-refresh that may be enabled on your plugin. Due to the nature of WordPress plugins, the whole WordPress framework is loaded, even if we want to check if the current price of an auction has changed. This causes load on the server, with very little returned benefit. So while it might sound cool to set your auto-refresh to 1 second, as users can keep auctions open and see prices increase as bids are placed, if you have 200 users on the site this would result in an additional 200 page loads per second which would cripple most shared hosting services. Your auto-refresh can be configured in your Auction Settings and setting this to 'none' should reduce any performance issues.


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