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Clash with NextGen Plugin

Postby chaddahlberg » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:08 pm

I'm running WPAuctions V5.2. I need the ability for more than 4 pictures per auction so I downloaded the NextGen Gallery plugin that has over 13 million downloads and putting the additional pictures below the auction on my page.

This plugin allows you to click on a picture and it loads in a pop-up. You can either then click the right arrow to view the next picture or hit the X in the upper right of pop-up to close this. Once the pop-up in NextGen loads, it won't close properly.

I've done thorough testing and realized it's a clash with WPAuctions as when I deactivate WPAuctions plugin - then this works correctly.

I will email you Hyder the link to the page where I'm experiencing this but am curious what can be done? I wanted to use NextGen as they have millions of downloads and is something that should continue to be supported but this clash is causing problems with my auction.

Any advice?
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