Footer Won't Appear On One Page

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Footer Won't Appear On One Page

Postby chaddahlberg » Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:03 am

It looks like you are willing to at least look at issues with Wordpress that are outside of WP Auctions in this forum - so I'll give it a try.

I am running the twenty ten wordpress theme. On a page on my web site, I entered some HTML code via the HTML tab to get a live video/audio stream to work on that page. The application I'm using for the stream is called ClipStream Live. However - when I did that - my footer is now missing. I also am using the WP Symposium plugin as I want that bottom panel to appear as well on the streaming page so members can click the "chat" button to discuss the live stream.

This isn't my final site - so please disregard the rest - just trying to figure out why my footer and the WP Symposium plugin don't appear when I entered the HTML code.

Is there something I must "enable" when adding HTML to get this to appear?

My issue can be found by going to this link (where the footer is missing): ... /streaming

Thanks! Chad

Here is the code I put into the HTML tab for the "streaming" page on my site. Any advice is appreciated!

<Applet MayScript codebase="http://PublicIPAddress:8080/" code=clipstreamlive.class alt=ClipstreamLive name=clipstreamlive width=320 height=256> <param name='AutoBitrate' value='true'> <param name="VideoURL1" value="Medium,150,/live128.vcs"> <param name="VideoURL2" value="N/A,0,SlowConnection.vcs"> <param name="AutoPlay" value="True"> <param name="ChannelChange" value="False"> <param name="VideoBufferSize" value="5"> <param name="BackgroundColor" value="#FFFFFF"> <param name="TextColor" value="#000000"> <param name="SeekEnable" value="false"> <param name="PanelEnable" value="True"> <param name="PanelImagesURL" value="buttons.gif"> <param name="PanelLayout" value="PMC"> <param name="PanelImageWidth" value="51,1,52,1,1,1,1,20,75"> <param name="PanelFlash" value="2"> <param name="PanelPopup" value="False"> <param name="PanelPosition" value="Bottom"> <param name="VideoTitleImageURL" value="title.gif"> <param name="VideoEdgeColor" value="#FFFFFF"> <param name="AutoLoop" value="True"> <br><A HREF=>Clipstream Live requires Java enabled in your browser or email. Click here for more information.</A><br>
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Re: Footer Won't Appear On One Page

Postby chaddahlberg » Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:44 pm

This issue is now resolved. The problem is if you only enter the HTML code necessary to get the streaming to work - the footer disappears. However - when I entered some text for the Wordpress page, such as "Please view the live stream below", along with the HTML code, then the footer reappeared, which also allowed the WP Symposium plugin to reappear as well. Maybe this is helpful for someone in the future!

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Re: Footer Won't Appear On One Page

Postby mensmaximus » Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:55 am

As far as i can see the real issue is you dont have the closing </APPLET> tag. Adding some text just triggers the "code self healing feature" modern browsers have.
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