Introducing: WP Auctions Marketplace

WP Auctions Marketplace

Back when we launched WP Auctions, over 4 years ago, we had humble thoughts in mind and an itch too achieve awesomeness. The list of features we have today don’t even compare to what we started off with, and what we have in mind for the near future.

One step towards making our plugin do more as we grow is by building add-ons for it. The same way as how WordPress has themes and plugins to help extend it further for various uses.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve started that process and the WP Auctions Marketplace is now live!

What Is The WP Auctions Marketplace?

WP Auctions is a great standalone product, one that allows anyone to auction off anything they want on their own WordPress powered blog or website. Our official add-ons, List Widget and Bulk Upload, are an example. The Marketplace add-ons/themes will be no different, except that they will be released by 3rd party developers (unless otherwise noted).

For Developers

As a developer the Marketplace is the perfect outlet for your code skills, and a great way to make some extra revenue on the side. If you would like more information on how you can get your add-on on the Marketplace please contact us!

For Clients

You can buy the items available on the Marketplace with the assurance that it has been rigorously tested to meet our standards and to ensure 99.9% compatibility.

Currently we have an add-on called the WP Auctions Extended Listing available for sale. The add-on gives you a widget that you can drop in any widget ready area and helps to show your auctions with a variety of information.

As usual we value user feedback so please let us know in the comments what type of features you would like to see “added on” to WP Auctions and we’ll put it on our list.

6 thoughts on “Introducing: WP Auctions Marketplace

  1. Hi
    Can a visitor to my site list their product for auction. Can we charge a small amount for that….is there an option

  2. If you added an option for visitors/registered users to list their own auctions this plugin would be a killer app. Please email me if you ever add this feature.

  3. I fully agree. With the capability of users to post items, your product becomes fully flexible for possible real need out there.

  4. Agree! If you do the user submission feature, this will be a top notch add-on. Please make this soon, 100% sure everyone wants this as a add-on, I bet everyone will gladly pay for it. Cheers!

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