Landing Page Example

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This is an example of a landing page setup that you can use.


1. First create a regular Page like this. You can fill in whatever content you like.

2. Embed an auction, any auction, into the Page using the “Insert Auction” box that you will see below the Write Panel while creating the Page. Important: You can only place ONE auction in a Post/Page.

3. Publish the Page, copy the URL of the published page e.g. and paste it into the “Default Auction Page:” area of the main settings for WP Auctions.

4. Select No, for the “Show auction in AJAX Popup?:” option while creating your auctions and enter the landing page URL.

You’re done! Below is how an embedded auction would look like.

Auction in a Post

Auction Image Auction Image Auction Image Auction Image

Starting Bid: $50.00

Refresh BidGoing for
Winning: 3971

Ending In:

Here comes the description for this auction. You can even include lists, like this:

  • With WP Auctions you can sell Art, like paintings, photography, sculptures and more...
  • You can also sell property

The rest of this text is just filler text, design to make you feel that there is something important here.

The rest of this text is just filler text, design to make you feel that there is something important here. It's just for display purposes, but since you're reading it let me fill you in some more boring text.

Terms: cool-stuff

Enter Your Maximum Bid
Bid $104.00 or higher [?]

[Not met]

  1. 3971 bid $102.00 on August 8, 2016 2:10 am
  2. lost duck bid $50.00 on July 21, 2015 9:12 am

Enter your email below to get notifications of new bids placed on the above item.

Shipping Details

Shipping: $1,500.00

From: New York

To: Worldwide

Payment Details

Winner will receive PayPal payment link via email.


To explain point no.2 – When Bid B is placed to beat Bid A on auction ID 2, the bidder of Bid A gets an email saying they are being outbid on the auction. The email would contain a link back to the landing page you just created. So it would look like this –

The best part is even though you have entered a seemingly random auction in the Page, i.e maybe you entered auction ID 1 (as per the shortcode), the Page would still display auction ID 2 because the embedded auction is designed to pick up whichever auction is being referenced.

So even if you have 100 auctions and a bid is placed on auction 75 the email would automatically contain a link back to the landing page with auction_id=75. The visitor would then be able to place a bid and have their bid accepted for that particular auction.

Try it out

Click this link to see another auction in place of the one above.

You can even place the List Widget together with an embedded auction in your landing page to provide a more thorough overview of all your auctions.