New Add-On: Zoom!

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We’re happy to announce a new add-on for WP Auctions, Zoom!

Zoom allows you to show a zoomed in image on our new and improved modern display. A very common feature across e-commerce websites you’ll now be able to enjoy it for your auctions!

It works simply by hovering over the image which shows you the larger image magnified. You also get a host of customization options in the WP Auctions admin panel.


wp-auctions-zoom wp-auctions-zoom-admin

Purchase Zoom

Show your images zoomed in on the ‘Modern Display’ embed. Larger image shows up when your mouse hovers above the thumbnail.

Requirements: WP Auctions v5.0.4+, only compatible on Responsive Display auction embeds.

Price – $12 or FREE!

Get Zoom for FREE when you buy the subscription package!


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