Plugin and Theme Compatibility

Ever since we developed WP Auctions we’ve done everything we can to make sure that it runs on 99% of the WordPress themes available. We do get a few users who use highly specialized themes and end up with some error that is almost always theme related.

We do everything we can to make sure that WP Auctions works on the users theme, but sometimes theme developers (or plugin writers for that matter) introduce some really customized bits of JavaScript/CSS/etc… that just prevent our plugin from running at 100%.

Today’s post is the beginning of an adventure for us. One to find out exactly which themes work with our plugin and which don’t. We’ll also fix any incompatibility, should it occur in our plugin, and make subsequent updates to it, provided of course that the theme meets certain coding standards set out by WordPress.

What type of themes?

This is where you, the user, comes in. We’ll be conducting tests, to start off, with some of the most popular themes out there and the rest depends on you guys. If you think a theme is popular enough that warrants us testing it then please leave a comment with its name and we’ll add it to our list.

Naturally we can’t review each and every single theme out there, that’s just absurd. There’s like a brazillion of them! So we’ll take ones that are the most requested.

The first one to be reviewed and tested will be published tomorrow!

Oh, and we’ll be doing the same thing with popular plugins as well. Testing them together with ours to see if there are any compatibility issues.

So go ahead, leave a comment and let us know your theme preference! Chances are the plugin is already compatible, but we’ll take it for a test spin anyway.

12 thoughts on “Plugin and Theme Compatibility

    1. Hi Lori,

      You can try out our free version from (just search for “wp auctions” from the plugin search area in your backend) and if that works then our Pro and Pro Plus version will work as well.

  1. Hi,
    Im looking to get this plugin but allows my users to put their items up for auction.. I have a art website and would like to make this possible. can you help?

    1. Sure, you can use the multi-site compatibility that is built into the plugin and let them set up their own blogs (just like on and host their own auctions. They would have to manage their own transactions, auctions, bids etc…

      There are many membership plugins that can be used together with this plugin to create a pay to use type of setup. However, the plugin does not have a system where it allows you to manage the auctions or process payments on behalf of users.

    1. While it’s not built into the system you can use the other payment fields like “Mailing Address” and “Bank Details” to include any type of information. For instance, you can send them to a default checkout page powered by 2checkout or Google where they can enter their payment amount to pay you.

      We’re working on adding more payment options, but that’s still a few release cycles away.

        1. Sorry, I am not sure if I follow when you say ” sorry it’s not”.

          Do you mean to say 2Checkout staff are not interested to create addon? or you mean to say your plugin is not popular?

          1. Answer was in reply to “Would like to know if 2CheckOut payment gateway is integrated into the plugin settings page.”

            2Checkout is not integrated in the plugin settings.

            I don’t know if 2CO staff would want to make an add-on for the plugin, that is up to them.

            We have plans to do it ourselves, but it will take time. Can’t say how long though.

  2. Can you give a sample of how to put the alternative payment method into the “Bank Details”.. would I be able to put in an HTML link to the site?

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