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WP Auctions is steaming along and cementing itself as the leading auction plugin for WordPress. So we decided we’d make it better.

Here’s where you, our esteemed user, comes in! Please take the poll below and let us know which feature we should build next for you. You are allowed more than one choice, so make it count. If you’re looking for something entirely out of the choices available you can enter your own suggestion.

These are some of the features we have in our timeline and almost all of them will be implemented at some point or the other, this poll will decide which ones we go with first.


Thanks for voting!

3 thoughts on “Poll: Tell Us What Feature You Want Next!

  1. I would like to see subscription payment option for paypal.com. If selling say a website on auction then a subscription payment would work well. Do you have a work-a-round for this at this time?

  2. This plugin really needs a auto-extend bidding feature with ability to set the timer reset increment and the time when the auto-extend bidding starts.

    For example: auto-extend starts with 3 minutes remaining (settable by admin)and the clock resets to 3 minutes left (settable by admin) in the auction with any bid in the last 3 minutes. These 2 settings are independent of each other as they can be set separately.

    Having this eliminates ebay style auctions and sniping.

  3. Some feature requests:
    1) One critical change required before I can use this plugin. In the “Bids” list, it is extremely important for my clients not to have their names disclosed. I would rather see either a customer bidding number or their location (such as state or province) displayed; or both (perferably), instead of the bidders name. I think most bidders prefer to remain confidential.
    2) I would also like to see a feature to assign Lot numbers for easy tracking, accounting and marketing purposes.
    3) A further feature: while the visitor is viewing an auction, they can easily watch other auctions items, or track other auction items that they are interested in or bidding on without leaving the current page?
    4) Quick Registration right from the page/post auction item
    5) Have visitors able to preview items, register and pre-bid on items (proxy bids) before an auction starts.
    6) Item Location – a simple abbreviation of the state/province next to the item’s title

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