Quick Tip: Auto Refresh

WP Auctions comes with an auto refresh setting that updates the current bid amount and current bids every X amount of seconds. This comes in handy if you have time sensitive auctions or if you know that you will be having a lot of live watchers who will wait till the last minute to bid, helping increase your final bid price allowing you to make more money!

You can easily set the refresh rate via the “Auctions Settings > General Settings > Auto Refresh” option. Simply enter the amount of seconds you want the plugin to wait before it queries your database again. For example: 15 will refresh your bid values every 15 seconds.

If you don’t want it to update, and you want to leave it to your visitors to manually do so, then just specify ‘none‘ and it won’t auto refresh at all.

Note: Having a very fast auto refresh setting, like 5 seconds or so, can and does have an impact on your server. Especially if you have a lot of auctions and lots of visitors. So use this feature wisely!

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