v5.0 RC2 and a Bug Bounty!

You can now download v5.0 RC2 (release candidate) from your member area on Weborithm Products. This version has some fixes to styling and updating the textual context throughout the plugin.

So go ahead and give it a try, there’s a new sweet little dashboard as well for you to take in.

Bug Bounty

For all of our seasoned, and new, users out there we have something to give back to you. We’re offering a $50 bounty to the top two bugs you report to us.

What’s the criteria for classifying it as a bug?

  1. It must affect the auction functionality in some significant way, for instance a bid not being accepted in a certain instance or the wrong winner getting  the winning email. Bugs of that nature.
  2. A fatal crash in the plugin due to any specific setting in the plugin which can be mimicked on our test site, not caused by another 3rd party plugin or theme.
  3. Any glaring security issue you can bring to our attention.

Styling, text and CSS issues are not part of the bug bounty, but we’d like for you to report them nonetheless 🙂

Send your bug reports directly via email to – designed [at] weborithm [dot] com – or via our contact page. Please report them discreetly, do not publish them online on your blogs, websites or social media accounts.

The top two bugs reported can choose between a cash prize of $50 sent via PayPal or an Amazon gift card. You have until August 31st, 2014 to report them to us.

Get your testing caps on and tell us about those bugs!

Rules: One person cannot claim both bounties. The first person to report a unique bug will be entitled to the bounty for that bug (Secondary reports for the same bug will be discarded). Bounty open to everyone worldwide. The WP Auctions team will award the bounty once the bug has been verified on the reporters site, or on our own test site. Errors caused by 3rd party plugins/themes will not be considered as bugs.