We Now Accept Bitcoin!

Crypto-currency is here to stay, at least that’s what everyone who bought bitcoins at $0.01 is saying!

If you would like to pay for our plugin with bitcoins you can now do so. The option to buy is powered by BitPay.

On the checkout page you will see the option to either pay via USD or via “BTC”, you must choose BTC if you want to pay with bitcoins. The exchange rate is calculated instantly.

Also, since this is still in a beta state all transactions will have to wait for verification and we will then send out the ZIP file manually. I know, it’s not the most convenient thing but since this is all new to us we’re taking it one step at a time.

Look for instant download options coming up with bitcoins in the near future!

Btw, does anyone know if we’re the first WordPress plugin authors to accept bitcoin?

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