WordPress 3.2 Compatability, Minor Updates

As most of you know WordPress 3.2 is out with a brand new backend interface, some amazing new features and a lot of other enhancements.

Some of the new features caused our plugin to stop adding or editing auctions. Which is not good. We’re happy to report that v4.0.4 should fix that issue and a few other points as stated below.

Here’s a breakdown of updates in WP Auctions v4.0.4 (this does not apply to Lite users)

  • Localisation fixes
  • Stabilize add/edit after WP3.2 upgrade
  • Updates for WP 3.2 compatibility
  • Changed function names to avoid theme clashes

This is a critical update because if you’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.2 then you will not be able to add or edit your auctions. For update procedures please read our documentation.

If you are updating via FTP you need to only upload the below files to your wp-auctions/ folder

  • auction.php
  • wp_auctions.php
  • wpa_admin.php
  • styles/wpauctions.css
  • requisites/style.css
  • wpa_list_widget.php (Pro Plus users only)

As always, if you encounter any issues or bugs please post them on our forum. Do remember to use the username you signed up with on Weborithm Products so we can provide support faster.

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