WP Auctions 3.7.1

A small update has been made live for the plugin. You can download it by logging into your member area here.

The auction bid mechanism worked in such a way that Bidder A could place a maximum bid of $100 and be at ease till someone actually outbids them above that amount. Bidder B would bid $25 and be shown a prompt saying that their bid is not high enough, or that they have been outbid already, without registering their bid of $25. This lead to some confusion among users and their bidders. So we decided to do something about it.

Now when Bidder B places a bid of $25, their bid will be registered and Bidder A’s automatic bid will show up to. It’s best illustrated by this image below.

Hyder trying to outbid Owen, till he finally does!

Oh, and I added some line-height via CSS to the bidders list for the popup. It makes the bids placed look more evenly spaced out.

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