WP-Auctions 3.7.2

We’ve just released an important upgrade for everyone on the 3.7.1 branch of the plugin. There was an error that caused the “Current Bid” to display as $0.01 even if the actual bid placed was anything over.

This has been fixed, if you are running 3.7.1 please end all your auctions (yes, we’re VERY sorry about this), upgrade the plugin and start your auctions over again.

If you are running 3.7 you should be fine and upgrading is not a necessity at this point of time. We will be closely monitoring the progress of the new feature we implemented that caused this in the first place and will report back here should we have any further updates.

How do I download v3.7.2?

Login to Weborithm Products, go to WP Auctions (Pro or ProPlus) and download the file.

How do I upgrade?

You basically just need to update one file, wp_auctions.php, so if you know your way around FTP just upload that one particular file.

To upgrade via the WordPress backend, follow these steps –

  • End all your auctions
  • De-activate the plugin
  • Delete it from your WordPress plugin area
  • Re-upload the plugin using the backend upload feature.
  • You will have to CHMOD your files/ folder for the images to work

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