WP Auctions 3.7.4

One of our users alerted us to a fringe condition where (developer speak) the AutoBid is identical to the UserBid, so we fixed it to always ensure that the AutoBid wins (first bidder takes precedence).

Basically (in English), if User B bids identical to User A’s maximum bid this ensures that User A still wins as they entered their maximum bid first. Bug only applied to first bids placed and not to subsequent bids thereafter.

Thanks to Brandon for pointing it out to us.

You can download the updated plugin from the Weborithm products area. You don’t need to end/delete your auctions to upgrade. The easiest way would be to just update the main wp_auctions.php file via FTP.

Further upgrade instructions are provided in the documentation.

If you haven’t upgraded from the Lite version (or if you downloaded it via the AppSumo  promotion), you can upgrade by signing up here (or logging in) and using coupon code 1BCF1 to get $10 off!

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