WP Auctions 4.0, Alpha

The wait is almost over, WP Auctions 4.0 is almost ready for you to use, enjoy and make money with!

But first, we have to take it for test spin.

If you are a Pro Plus customer you should have gotten an email by now saying that you can download the Alpha version of the plugin from your member accounts. Please read the email carefully as there are some important points in them.

So what does v4.0 offer exactly? Here’s a brief rundown of some of the features. There’s lots more in store and the final feature list won’t be finalized till we roll out the beta and subsequent release candidates over the next week or so.

WP Auctions 4.0 Features

  1. Auction categories: Set up as many auction categories as you like, just as you would for Posts, and categorize your auctions.
  2. Reserve prices: Don’t want to sell your item if it hasn’t hit a reserve price? Now you don’t have to.
  3. Bidding engines: Now you can use any of the three available bidding engines to set up your auctions with. Proxy bidding, our default bidding engine. Simple bidding, for simple bidding and Reverse bidding, for auctions where the lowest price wins.
  4. Watch auctions: Your visitors can enter their email address to get updates on any auction they wish to keep an eye on. They can unsubscribe anytime.
  5. Better WYSIWYG editor: Now you can style you auction descriptions just as you would your Posts.
  6. New look: The biggest overhaul we’ve done on how the Sidebar Widget, Popup and Auction in a Post features look.
  7. Custom colours: Customize the colours of the plugin with a very simple and easy to use colour customizer! It’s really nice. This also means that the previous “styles” setting is now extinct. Let’s have a moment of silence for it please.

There’s still a few more things we’re going to be adding to it before we make the final release. Stay tuned for more updates.

One more thing…

Something exciting is brewing...

More to follow soon! If you’re not a Pro Plus customer get in touch with us and we’ll give you a really steep discount to upgrade.

4 thoughts on “WP Auctions 4.0, Alpha

  1. Thanks for the great new features guys! Here is what I have found.

    1.) I installed V4 on my test site and I don’t show the buttons for the “Bid now” or “Buy Now” buttons. I can hover over where the button is and click and it works – however – I don’t actually “see” the buttons.

    2.) I also don’t see an option for “Watch the auction” to enter in an email address. Should I?

    3.) The Design Settings page doesn’t appear to be saving the colors I’m choosing. I go to the WP Auctions –> Design Settings area – change the color – click on “Update Colors” – but nothing changes – and when I go back to the Design Settings – the boxes are blank again.

    A link to see what I’m referring to is: http://chaddahlberg.com/client-development/auctions/test-auction
    (I know some is hard to read with my theme but am just doing basic testing of the plugin and will obviously address the rest later).

    I will add more here as I see them. Please let me know what other information you need from me. Thanks again!

  2. I am loving the free version (wanting to upgrade once I have my site set up). The code is very well organized and commented. I am easily able to add functionality that I am looking for. The features you are adding in 4.0 will make the plugin even better. I can’t wait!

  3. you wrote:

    >> Thanks for buying the plugin. We’ll actually be placing the “beta” >> version of the plugin in a day or two that has simple bidding for >> the Pro users as well. If you can hold on until then you will be >> >> able to download it.

    So, just to confirm — since the church auction site I must launch by next week requires simple bidding — you are planning to release 4.0 beta to Pro users within the next day or so?
    thanks for your earlier prompt reply!

  4. “More to follow soon! If you’re not a Pro Plus customer get in touch with us and we’ll give you a really steep discount to upgrade.”

    I am not a Pro Plus customer yet. Just recently downloaded the plugin and really liked what I saw. What type of “steep discount” are we talking about to upgrade?

    Thanks in advance : )

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