WP Auctions 4.0, RC1

We’re happy to announce Release Candidate 1 of WP Auctions.

There still might be a few bugs so we recommend trying it out on your production site AFTER you’ve done some testing with your desired settings. Also, if you are using this with a specialized theme which provides you a lot of unique features there are some chances there might be an issue of compatibility. We really can’t test each and every single theme/plugin/server combination so please let us know what you’re working with and we’ll be happy to help figure it out.

The List Widget was inadvertently left out for Pro Plus users (sorry about that), it’s been included back in again. Same procedure to use it as before. You can get more information on our documentation page.

This release does not have any new features but was mostly a big bug squashing adventure. Big thanks to our users who provided feedback and to Owen for sifting through a jungle of code to fix it all up.

Bugs fixed include

  • Emails not going out.
  • Sidebar widget issue with “Other Auctions” slide down closing.
  • “Other Auctions” not showing as intended in the popup.
  • Custom text not sending for “Watch Auction” customized email.
  • Other bugs we found ourselves…

Pro Plus users can download the plugin from their member area. Pro users should have received an email on how to upgrade today for a bargain price.

Note: We stated that there would be an unsubscribe feature for the “Watch Auction” feature. This was a miscommunication, sorry for the hype.

4 thoughts on “WP Auctions 4.0, RC1

  1. Wondering if I’m missing something, this is the message I get when I try to edit a current auction:

    “Main settings not defined
    Please check main settings and try again”

  2. Hi guys. I own this website, where i’d like to use WPAuctions, so my users could login, create an auction, and sell their phone (or whatever they’d like to sell)..

    Thing is.. Is this possible? At the moment, it only seems I can set the payment information to my own, and I’m not the one selling things, I’m just a man in between, making it possible for them to sell their stuff to others..
    Help plox.

  3. Hi – I ran into a small issue that affects only the sidebar widget.

    Line 1821 on wp_auctions.php is

    $description = substr(strip_tags($row->description,0,75)).”…”;

    and should be

    $description = substr(strip_tags($row->description),0,75).”…”;

    Note the ending parenthesis on the stip_tags method.

    So far working great.

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