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WP Auctions Feature Update

Another month, another release. This time we’ve got some small updates to the plugin that are slowly taking us forward to a big release we have planned later this year.

Here’s what’s new in v4.4.3.2:

  • Corrected “Cancel Last Bid”: Some people reported a bug with the Cancel Last Bid link deleting the wrong bid. This has now been fixed.
  • New message type added: Now bidders get email confirmations when they place a bid. You can customize this email too from the Email Settings tab.
  • Handle categories with “&”: Auction categories don’t throw a fit if you put a & in them.
  • Show maximum bid amount in admin area: This is an experimental feature, which means it might/might not stay, so let us know what you think about it.
  • Added option to show/hide custom contact: You can now hide/show and customize the default URL field. Don’t need it? No problem, just hide it!
  • Set login redirection target to current page: Bidders are now redirected back to the same page they were on before. The popup Register and Login links will take you back to the home page though.

That’s it for now.

To Infinity and Beyond…

I’ve already started working on a new design for the auction layout. This time we’re going modular, which means you can add/remove auction details as you see fit. The sidebar widget is getting re-designed too, as is the auction embed.

In fact, we’re just re-doing the entire plugin. It’s going to be an amazing next couple of months.

Watch this blog for updates.

Update Instructions

As always, we recommend you to upgrade via FTP. You can find more instructions for upgrading on our documentation page.

Current Version:

Update Status: Non-critical

Download WP Auctions

Members can download the latest version from their member area on Weborithm Products.

Instant Download buyers can upgrade by using the coupon code available on their main WP Auctions admin panel.

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