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In case you haven’t been to the site recently we are now actively working on setting up the documentation for the plugin. This page will have everything you ever wanted to know or would like to know about the plugin before you purchase and while you are using it.

It’s a little sparse right now so please bear with us as we continue to add more documentation.

We Need Your Help!

We would like for all of our users (doesn’t matter if you are using the free, Pro or ProPlus package) to provide us some insight into what else you would like to see as part of the documentation?

Simply leave a comment below with the type of question you want answered and we’ll do our best to add it to the documentation as soon as possible!

Plugin Update

We are currently at WP Auctions v 3.7.2, the next step will be 4.0! Which, to put it lightly, will be one of the biggest updates we’ve made to the plugin since its inception almost 3 years ago (wow? has it been that long already!). I’ll be making another post about that in the coming days.

One thought on “WP Auctions Documentation

  1. When buyers click on the BIN button they are not directed to our paypal account and yes the address is in the backend of the plugin options

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