WP Auctions v5.0.2

We’ve put out a maintenance release for our world famous auction plugin, here’s what’s new and delightful!

  • Bidder name not supplied: If you seem to be getting this error when your users bid it’s because of some fringe hosting accounts that have a PHP setting which throws the message “Bidder name not supplied”. This version fixes it.
  • Hide countdown in modern layout: The countdown hiding feature is now applicable in the modern layout too. Though we don’t know why you’d want to do so, because it’s amazing!
  • Hide AddThis: In case you don’t want to show the social media sharing icons you don’t need to now.
  • Delete rogue auctions: If you update to v5.0+ from any previous version of WP Auctions you’ll find some previous auctions unavailable for deleting. You can now do so in this version update.

That’s it for now. But there’s more to come in the near future, so stay tuned!

Upgrade Options

via Instant Download: If you bought the plugin via Instant Download you can re-download the plugin via your e-junkie email where you received the original download link. You get 2 downloads, once they are used up you can upgrade to our subscription service.

via Weborithm Products: Just log into your account and download the plugin from your member area.

Files Updated

Below is the list of files updated in this release you can simply upload them, or do a full plugin update.

  • wp_auctions.php
  • wpa_admin.php
  • wpa_constants.php

As always, best of luck with your auctions!

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