WP Auctions v5.0 Beta RC1

WP Auctions Feature Update

After months of waiting. It’s finally here!

We’re happy to announce WP Auctions v5.0 Beta (RC1)! This is a beta release and has all the new features we’ve talked about in our earlier blog post and a lot more surprises.

The highlights of which are a new responsive design and the ability for you to allow 3rd party users to register and hold their own auctions. It’s  been a long time coming and we’re quite happy with the way we’ve progressed with it.

How Can You Try It?

You must be a current subscriber to our Pro or Pro Plus package on Weborithm Products. If you are a member there simply login and go to the WP Auctions download area to get the latest release and give it a test run.

Reminder: This is not an official release, it’s still under development and needs some testing and feedback! So please do not use this release on any live sites.

What’s New?

1. Responsive layout: You asked for it, you got it. The auction embed is now responsive. Please note the pop-up is not responsive.

2. User Auctions: You can now allow users to sign up and let them post their own auctions. One of THE most requested feature is now in your hands! We’ll be building this feature out extensively in the near future, so please help us make it better with your feedback.

3. Faster Code: We’ve also done some backend updates to help the code run faster.

Ready to give it a try? Log into your account at Weborithm Products and download the new Beta release today.

You can post a comment below about your experience or send us a direct email via our contact form, we can’t wait to hear from you!

One thought on “WP Auctions v5.0 Beta RC1

  1. Wish List.

    Would like the options to not display some of the new features,
    so to be able to hide, shipping, and payment tabs?

    Hide Seller information as this only works if you are running a multi seller site,

    Hide sharing

    bind gallery shortcodes into the product description, which then removes the need for multi images.

    ie: [gallery ids=\"12400,12399,12398,12397,12396,12395,12392,12390\"]

    text colour changes when reserve is not met.

    Bid up to reserve price-

    remove the need to bind to post. so it creates it own post, like dam auctions.

    take bids, this beta will not take bids?

    percentage increments, or different increments by category?

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