Welcome 2013!

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Another year gone by, another year coming forward.

WP Auctions certainly grew by leaps and bounds, we’re humbled by all of our amazing users who put their trust in our plugin. We’ve a lot more in store for it in 2013 and look forward to sharing our continued commitment to making WP Auctions the best plugin for auctions on WordPress with you!

Thank you for an amazing 2012. Happy New Year to one and all!

6 Responses to “Welcome 2013!”

  1. Alex says:

    Happy New Year! Sorry dear friend but my question is still open! You promise me to find way out how to correct ??? to Russian (Cyrillic) in description of auction. I see only ??? instead Russian letters. No refund, no support!

    • Hyder says:

      I believe Owen had contacted you when we were in conversations last year and had shown you that the characters were showing up fine in our tests. Please send us an email so we can help you out with this. Sorry for the trouble.

  2. Simon says:

    Hi Hyder

    Happy new year – all the best for 2013

    I know I asked this last year and saw an update recently on this.

    Do you think that the ability for users to post their own auctions will be added?

    In same light – will this plugin be compatible with WooCommerce. I can see major benefits of this plugin being compatible with WooCommerce too so that you can add payment gateway easily and let customers purchase packages/services online.

    If I run an auction service – I would want to offer customer different options – pay per month / once off fee, pay per listing, maybe they buy credits to bid on items…..

    Having it compatible with WooCommerce will make it also compatible with Woocommerce themes giving access to many more layout and styling options.

    any chance this is ready in 2013?

    • Hyder says:

      Hi Simon,

      YES! The ability for users to add auctions is definitely on our list this year. We’re hoping to have it ready by the summer, if not sooner.

      As for WooCommerce, we’ll look into it and figure out the best way to combine our plugins together.

      Thanks for checking back with us.

  3. Roberto says:

    Hi Hyder

    I have installed the WP Auction list Plugin. But I dont get the list up and running. Where are the Auction templates? How Can I make it look like your Demo? Why is nothing mentioned about the style of the auction in the Documentation?

    Thanks in advance for fixing my issues

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